Longmont Mesh

Welcome to the Longmont Colorado Meshtastic Group. We are a subgroup of DenverMesh and maintain a channel specific to Longmont on the Mattermost instance.

Longmont Mesh is a community group working to build a Meshtastic mesh network of solar-powered meshtastic radios in Longmont, Colorado, and surrouding areas. This network acts like a free city-wide text messaging system, allowing people to communicate publicly or privately with anyone on the network. All of this happens without any external infrastructure - no power, no cell phone towers, no internet.

Longmont Mesh nodes use the default LONG-FAST settings and interoperates with Denver Mesh. This is achieved through Denver Mesh's strategic positioning of solar-power repeaters visible from Longmont. Please visit Denver Mesh for more details on:

  • How to build nodes. Longmont Mesh recommends devices that use RAK wireless chips as these can be updated over bluetooth and generally have a longer operating life.
    • Note that you can find a number of ready-made setups on Etsy.
  • Joining Mattermost and talking with local community groups including
    • Denver
    • Longmont
    • Fort Collins
    • Colorado Springs

If you are located near Douglas & Elbert counties, and are an amateur radio operator, you will find their LoRa APRS site interesting.

If you have any questions about the Longmont effort, please email Joey Stanford at nv0n@denvermesh.org or contact him on Denver Mesh's Mattermost instance: @nvon is an admin on the longmont channel.